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Fast to Deploy Easy to Use

Reduce the initial set-up cost, speed-up the deployment time, improve the scalability both up and down and simplify the IT infrastructure and support requirement, the Bizini Cloud offers a transparent, flexible, pay as you grow model leaving you to concentrate on growing the business.

Because the Bizini Cloud is delivered as a service via the internet to a standard browser or even a mobile app, with minimal risk and initial capital investment you will be up and running in no time.

Traditional Deployment Model

When fully aligned with company’s objectives IT Services enable businesses to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. However Bizini recognises that new and small businesses are often constrained when it comes to IT Services both in terms of resource and of finance. The following are just a few examples of how these constraints can impact small businesses:

  • Limited Capital Expenditure - Implementing a new application can mean significant capital expenditure in infrastructure, hardware, licenses, integration and the inevitable consultants in order to get an optimal integrated implementation. 

  • Scalability Both Up and Down – Usage based licensing models (for example per user or per transaction) means businesses can have unpredictable costs profiles and are penalised for success or seasonality, as they buy additional licenses to meet requirements whose costs never go away when those licenses are no longer required. 

  • Implementation Timescales - The implementation of a new application is a non-trivial exercise, it can take months or even years to get it integrated and fully up and running, consuming large amounts of resource and focus in the process.

  • Support Burden – Software patching, upgrading and testing is a time consuming business usually required to be done outside of normal working hours, not to mention infrastructure upgrades, break-fix and backups.

  • Security - Companies are forever loosing laptops, and if they contain confidential data then each loss can have serious security implications for both the company and potentially its clients.

There are a great number of challenges to small businesses in implementing new technology. The above are some of the more common ones, but of course, there are others. Collectively, it’s clear to see why so few small to medium-sized business have committed to rolling out new technology, even if it would be of benefit to them, both medium and longer term.

Software as a Service

The Bizini Software as a Service (SaaS) model mitigates the capital cost, resource requirement and business risk associated with deploying new systems.

  • The Bizini Cloud dramatically reduces the capital cost of system deployment. You simply pay a monthly fee relating to the resource requirements of your particular solution, transforming a substantial capital expenditure into predictable operational expense and in so doing reducing the risk. 

  • With the Bizini Cloud we only charge for the resources that you use, and not for the number of people who have the potential to use them, this means that you can increase or decrease the number of users as your needs change over time without penalty.

  • Because they are web based (accessed via a browser or App) and fully integrated, Bizini Cloud applications can cut through the implementation complexity reducing timescales to hours or days with even the most convoluted applications usually up and running in a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years.

  • Because the applications are hosted in the Bizini cloud we take care of all the support, maintenance, break-fix and back-up requirements.

  • With the Bizini Cloud your data is stored securely in the cloud, so a stray computer is just an inconvenience, not a potential disaster, and our cloud applications are designed to be accessed securely from anywhere and from any device. 

This is our commitment to you: 

We will deploy, host and maintain your service, we will back-up your data and we will monitor the system to ensure that the service is available for you to use whenever and wherever you need it. We will not charge you for adding new users, or sending “too many” invoices and there are no “hidden” costs. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you are at the office, any time, any place, on any device; no software, no licences, no IT infrastructure just one predictable resource based monthly fee

Bizini Principles

The Bizini Cloud Model is predicated on four pillars that span all modules, in addition to Software as a Service:

Any Time Any Place Any Device

"Any Time Any Place on Any Device" has been a guiding principle since day one, it’s in our DNA as referenced by our name (for those of you who are old enough). Being out of the office no longer means you have to be out of the loop, the Bizini Cloud is perfect for any business with employees who are not tied to the office for whatever reason.
Save time and cost and make better decisions faster by connecting your mobile workforce to your systems in real-time. The need for business to share information and data whilst on the move is now a necessity rather than a convenience and companies who are doing it already are seeing dramatic results.

Social and Collaboration

Collaboration drives results and efficiencies which is why Collaboration and Social features are one of the Bizini Pillars. The Bizini Cloud enables you to drive engagement and keep everyone informed in real time and on-the-go
Communicate with clarity and transparency, collaborate in teams, share and review documents, track and follow projects and manage tasks or tickets on any device. Join the conversation, working with colleagues, customers and partners has never been simpler

Integrated Management Information

Management information is a Pillar because agile information management enables optimum decision making, which in turn improves efficiency and results, delivering measurable competitive advantages.
All too often MI is used as a reactive response to an adverse situation and as such, the value and assistance it can provide is often undermined. 
Be ahead of the curve by putting consistent, consolidated, real-time access to information on all your business activities literally, at your fingertips, whenever you want it, wherever you happen to be.

Bizini Manages the Systems You Manage the Business

Cloud Based Software as a Service