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SMEs and Start-Ups

SME and start-up businesses are generally a hive of activity, there is so much to do and usually limited resource available to achieve the business and customer goals and objectives. Keeping on top of the ever changing landscape of activity and contending priorities can be a full time job in itself, often resulting in a merry-go-round of meetings and actions, all competing for that most precious resource – Your Time. Keeping everybody pulling in the same direction and focused on the priorities is vital for success.

It is often difficult for these types of companies to justify the capital expenditure on both Operational and Business support systems that their larger enterprise competitors leverage and rely on as a matter of course. Of those that do take-the-plunge, when budgeting, their Business Leaders prefer predictable cost models aligned to business activities and growth. All too often when purchasing business applications, inflexible per user licensing penalises this growth and is often replicated across several platforms which can then have a compounding negative impact. 

To be most effective for any business, disparate systems require to be integrated, adding a layer of complexity, time, risk and inevitably cost (beyond the duplicated licensing) to these multifaceted projects, whilst using the systems as stand-alone silos inevitably results in an inefficient, sub-optimal deployment where management information between systems needs to be manually manipulated to generate reports and where critical day-to-day interdepartmental intelligence (from different systems) is hard to come by.

The Bizini Philosophy

“Social” and “Collaboration” elements are fundamental to the Bizini platform. Enabling “permitted” employees, customers and/or suppliers to contribute as well as to follow activities conversations and dashboards, and receive automated real-time updates. This means that those that need to be, are always in the loop. Instant Messaging enhances the collaboration and conversation further. There is even a dedicated IM app for Android

The “Pay as You Grow” model means that you only pay for what you need, when you need it and the fact that there are no user license implications means that you can scale both up and down without penalty.

Bizini’s modular approach to deploying a fully integrated application stack means that businesses can simply take solutions that address specific areas of their business operation such as Sales, Projects and Service, or mix and match the applications to fulfil a larger or more strategic requirement. This also means all reporting and business operations are fully joined up. 

All application modules are accessed over the internet via a browser or mobile application, reducing the deployment cost, timescales and risk (you could be up and running in hours or days rather than weeks or months), whilst also negating the need for specialist client software and simplifying the IT infrastructure and ongoing support and back-up requirement. This also means that all requisite staff have real-time access to the information and systems that they need to do their jobs efficiently, at any time, form any place and on any device, which is also great if you are considering a BYOD strategy.

Bizini Project

Run successful efficient projects, hit milestones, mitigate risk, collaborate with stakeholders and project team members in real time. 

Bizini Project streamlines the complicated process of project delivery enabling Project Managers to track tasks, risks, bugs and manage calendars and milestones across multiple projects from a single portal including integrated reporting. The social and collaboration features mean that it is possible to see, join the conversation and share the progress for any task, on any project with any stakeholder, without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email. It puts the tools that project managers need, all together in one place, accessible literally at their fingertips, at any time, from any place and on any device.

Whilst the features of Bizini Project may remove the need for some types of document completely (for example Gantt Charts and Risk Registers) the content management capability of the platform means that where additional documents are required (for example agreements, work statements or designs), they can be controlled, stored centrally and referenced by all those who are approved to see them, creating efficiency and order whilst reducing email and confusion. 

With enlightening project views, conversations and dashboards, Bizini Project enables disparate matrix teams to move any kind of project across the finish line more efficiently.

Bizini Project

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