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Deliver Projects Quickly and Efficiently

Run successful projects, hit milestones, and track everything whether projects stages, tasks, risks, issues or bugs. Bizini Project helps you move any kind of project across the finish line more efficiently.

With enlightening project views, conversations and dashboards Bizini Project enables disparate matrix teams to move projects from inception to closure more efficiently. See and share the progress for any project with any stakeholder, without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email.

Project Management Software

Built for Teams Used by People

Everything at Your Fingertips

You have a site meeting in just a few hours, the plan, action and risk registers still need updating and syndicating, and there are delays on the motorway. Does any of this sound familiar?

With Bizini Project all your Project information be it tasks, activities, risks or issues, documents or calendars, is all accessible at your fingertips from the same application, via a browser, without the need for any expensive specialist software.

You can collaborate with team members with just a click, and provide real-time status monitoring of the items that you choose to share, both inside and outside of your organisation. So everyone is always on the same page, all the time.

Bizini Project will maintain an audit trail of all project elements and progress notes, and will automatically push updates to followers.

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Insightful Project Views

Emails, charts, spreadsheets, documents, presentations not to mention plans. It’s easy to lose track of where everything is. Right?

With Bizini Project Kanban View, you can see all your Task or Risk related activities and progress at a glance. It puts the all information that you need to manage your projects more efficiently on the same screen at the same time.

With flexible editable colour coding you define the scheme that enables you to focus-in on the important activities whilst not forgetting everything else. You can also update tasks directly from this single screen.

The Views You Are Comfortable With

A project just would not be complete without a Gantt, and it’s probably still the best way to illustrate a time-line.

Bizini Project enables you to control the Gantt illustration independently from within the task information. 

The chart scale and Gantt specific scroll bars enable you to choose the optimal size chart for your screen and project duration.

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Bizini Project Product Overview

This is a 12 minute overview of Bizini Project from bizini.biz. This video highlights the features and functionality of Bizini Project and provides an overview of how to Navigate around the application.


Create a New Project in Three Minutes

This video demonstrates how to create a new project in 3 minutes using Bizini Project. The online project management software from bizini.biz