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Any Time Any Place on Any Device

Being out of the office doesn’t mean you have to be out of the loop. The Bizini Cloud is perfect for any business with employees who are not tied to office for whatever reason.

Save time and cost and make better decisions faster by connecting your mobile workforce to your system in real-time. The need for business to share data whilst on the move is now a necessity and companies who are doing it already are seeing dramatic results.

Advances in Mobility

In recent years with advances in mobile technology and networks, we are beginning to see a change from office-based work, to working on the move, mobility is the buzzword. This change is reflected and illustrated not least in PC sales which are in decline, whilst the distinction between laptops and tablets becomes ever more blurred and there are now for the first time more active mobile devices in the world than there are people. 

Accordingly, corporate mobility is beginning to gain momentum. Workers are increasingly mobile, and many enterprises are focused on supporting the growing number of employees who use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to do their work at the office, at home, and whilst traveling, thereby increasing the competitive advantage that the larger businesses have over their smaller rivals. This momentum will continue as an increasing number of employees purchase and use their personal devices for work-related activities, and a growing number of company’s support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs to cost efficiently mobilize their workforce.

Mobile applications and services companies such as Bizini, are providing or increasing their products and solutions to address the needs of specific workers in particular roles such as:

  • Project Management

  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Support

It’s not surprising then that the types of activities that workers are undertaking on their personal devices is also evolving, historically employees limited their activity to accessing the employee intranet or portal and using email and/or calendar applications. However now for example, smartphones are primarily being used to read or view documents while tablets or laptops are more likely to be used to edit documents, access a web meeting, or perform processor-intensive activities such as analytics.

 Companies are beginning to achieve clear business benefits from these mobility applications including: 

  • Increased employee responsiveness 

  • Increased decision-making speed, 

  • Improved issue response and resolution time 

  • Increasing worker productivity

  • Increased employee satisfaction

Any Time Any Place Any Device

"Any Time Any Place on Any Device" has been a guiding principle since day one, it’s in our DNA as referenced by our name (for those of you who are old enough). Being out of the office no longer means you have to be out of the loop, as the need for business to share information and data whilst on the move is now a necessity rather than a convenience, the Bizini Cloud is perfect for any business large or small with employees who are not tied to the office for whatever reason. 

A global study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (sponsored by Aruba) highlighted that Organizations that were mobile ‘pioneers’ saw a 16% boost in productivity, as well as increases in creativity and loyalty, specifically:

  • Working anywhere, anytime: 49 percent highlighted this as the single biggest impact on their productivity.

  • Ability to collaborate: 38% rated this as the most important factor affecting their creativity.

  • Access to mobile information: 42% of employees are more productive due to rapid access to information.

  • Workplace freedom: 29% declared workplace flexibility as the biggest contributor to employer loyalty. 

The Bizini Cloud specifically addresses and enables these types of mobile communications and transactions either via a mobile application or via the device browser. All the information that is available in the office on the PC is also available on the move wherever there is an internet connection. This means that employees can work efficiently and productively wherever they happen to be, speeding up response and decision making times, improving resolution times and increasing both customer and employee satisfaction.

The “Any Time, Any Place on Any Device” principle of the Bizini Cloud saves businesses time and money and enables them make better decisions faster by connecting their mobile workforce to their system, in real-time. 

Bizini Principles

The Bizini Cloud Model is predicated on four pillars that span all modules, in addition to Any Time Any Place on Any Device:

Social and Collaboration

Collaboration drives results and efficiencies which is why Collaboration and Social features are one of the Bizini Pillars. The Bizini Cloud enables you to drive engagement and keep everyone informed in real time and on-the-go
Communicate with clarity and transparency, collaborate in teams, share and review documents, track and follow projects and manage tasks or tickets on any device. Join the conversation, working with colleagues, customers and partners has never been simpler

Integrated Management Information

Management information is a Pillar because we believe that agile information management enables optimum decision making, which in turn improves efficiency and results, delivering measurable competitive advantages.
All too often MI is used as a reactive response to an adverse situation and as such, the value and assistance it can provide is often undermined. 
Be ahead of the curve by putting consistent, consolidated, real-time access to information on all your business activities literally, at your fingertips, whenever you want it, wherever you happen to be.

Software as a Service

Bizini understands that new and small businesses are often constrained when it comes to IT. That’s why the SaaS model is one of the Bizini Pillars. 
We will deploy, host and maintain your service, we will back-up your data and we will monitor the system to ensure that the service is available for you to use whenever and wherever you need it. We will not charge you for adding new users, or sending “too many” invoices and there are no “hidden” costs. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you are at the office, any time, any place, on any device; no software, no licences, no IT infrastructure just one predictable resource based monthly fee.

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