About Bizini

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Why Bizini

Having struggled to find functional, affordable, performant business applications with SME’s and Start-Ups previously, the founder of Bizini realised that these types of predominantly small businesses are grossly underserved by the large vendors and ASP/SaaS service providers their systems being either too complex, too expensive or both. This is an unfortunate scenario given that SME’s are arguably the very businesses that would benefit from having access to these systems the most. 

Common challenges facing smaller or newer business are manifold, but include to name just a few:

  • Limited resource

  • Limited funds

  • Multiple simultaneous internal projects and initiatives

  • Multiple simultaneous customer projects and initiatives

  • Conflicting priorities

  • Scarcity of timely accurate Management Information (MI)

All too often smaller businesses are forced to operate with a plethora of systems that are that have evolved over time having been implemented tactically to address specific business problems, that have now been adopted as the standard, or are managing the business from desktop applications such as MS Excel or MS Access with a series of ad-hoc spreadsheets and databases, at best residing in shared folders on the corporate fileserver, or at worst sat on an individual PC’s or laptops.

Larger or more mature organisations have, either through strategic planning or necessity, deployed systems to assist them in addressing some of the challenges identified above and in so doing have gained a competitive advantage over those businesses large or small, who have not.

Who are Bizini

Our goal is to level the playing field for all organisations wishing to improve the way they manage their business and projects and also streamline the way they collaborate with employees, customers and partners, by providing disruptive integrated business applications that are not only functional and performant but that are affordable and represent value for money to our customers. 

In line with the recent trend towards, and the general acceptance of, online software service provision, we have developed the Bizini Cloud. We have broken down a complex platform into a series of preconfigured functional modules and made them available either via a browser or mobile application. These modules address specific business challenges such as:

  • Project Management

  • Salesforce Management

  • Helpdesk/Service Management

Customers then have the ability to mix and match the modules according to their needs or priorities and because each module is a subset of the same platform when you bring them together they are already fully integrated, including the dashboards and reporting.  A fully featured version of the platform is also available that extends the functionality into all areas of a business, indeed this website is built on the CMS provided by the full platform. 

Each customer has their own instance of the application and as opposed to a user license model, we only charge for the resources that you use, and not for the number of people who have the potential to use them, this means that you can scale your usage both up and down without penalty.
The benefits of this adoption model are

  • Simplified deployment and reduced timescales

  • Simplified infrastructure and support requirements

  • Reduced risk and capital cost

  • Enables staged implementation based on business priority

What is Bizini

The Bizini Cloud Model is predicated on four pillars that span all modules.

Any Time Any Place Any Device

"Any Time Any Place on Any Device" has been a guiding principle since day one, it’s in our DNA as referenced by our name (for those of you who are old enough). Stay in the loop, the Bizini Cloud is perfect for any business with employees who are not tied to the office for whatever reason.

Save time and cost and make better decisions, faster by connecting your mobile workforce to your systems in real-time. The need for business to share information and data whilst on the move is now a necessity rather than a convenience and companies who are doing it already are seeing dramatic results.

Social and Collaboration

Collaboration drives results and efficiencies which is why Collaboration and Social features are one of the Bizini Pillars. The Bizini Cloud enables you to drive engagement and keep everyone informed, in real time and on-the-go

Communicate with clarity and transparency, collaborate in teams, share and review documents, track and follow projects and manage tasks or tickets on any device. Join the conversation, working with colleagues, customers and partners has never been simpler

Integrated Management Information

Management information is a Pillar because agile information management enables optimum decision making, which in turn improves efficiency and results. All too often MI is used as a reactive response to an adverse situation, susequently the value and assistance it can provide is often undermined.

Be ahead of the curve by putting consistent, consolidated, real-time access to information on all your business activities literally, at your fingertips, whenever you want it, wherever you happen to be.

Software as a Service

Bizini understands that new and small businesses are often constrained when it comes to IT. That’s why the SaaS model is one of the Bizini Pillars.

We will deploy, host and maintain your service, we will back-up your data and we will monitor the system to ensure that the service is available for you to use whenever and wherever you need it. We will not charge you for adding new users, or sending “too many” invoices and there are no “hidden” costs. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you are at the office, any time, any place, on any device; no software, no licences, no IT infrastructure just one predictable resource based monthly fee.