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Enterprise Collaboration

Working with Colleagues Customers and Partners has Never Been Simpler

Over time, work is being moved out of legacy device based tools like spreadsheets onto more collaborative platforms. Organizations are now recognizing that the time has come to think about these tools strategically and to invest accordingly in order to gain or maintain a competitive advantage.

Organizations are ultimately looking for collaboration tools that are integrated; are easy to use both internally as well as with customers and partners outside the firewall; provide the flexibility to share, organize and manage work in more efficient ways; whilst also meeting their needs for security, compliance and management.

In a recent survey by Smartsheet, 84% of respondents agreed that “If a company hasn’t strategically deployed enterprise collaboration tools, then are they at a competitive disadvantage” 

One insightful view of was that “Enterprises that do not adopt these tools generally fail to do so because their workforce is rigid and unwilling to adapt to new technologies.” The implication being that the failure to adopt collaborative tools is actually a symptom of a competitively disadvantaged company, rather than a cause.

The Social and collaboration capabilities of the Bizini Cloud provide employees, customers and partners alike with one place to stay informed and find the people, information and expertise they need, when they need it, enabling businesses to communicate with clarity and transparency, collaborate in teams, share and review documents, track and follow projects and manage tasks or tickets on any device. 

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