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Bizini are proud to introduce the Beta Production Candidate of the Bizini Project Demonstration Portal.

Bizini Project enables businesses to manage their projects and collaborate with stakeholders and project team members in real time. Project Managers can now find all the solutions and tools needed to run their projects and programmes in one place and in a system that flows seamlessly with an intuitive user experience.

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With Project Cloud all the Project information be it tasks, activities, risks or issues, documents or calendars, is all accessible at your fingertips from the same application via a browser without the need for any expensive specialist software. Collaborate with team members with just a click, and provide real-time status monitoring of the items that you choose to share both inside and outside of the organisation so everyone is always on the same page all the time.

With enlightening project views, conversations and dashboards, Bizini Project enables disparate matrix teams to move projects from inception to closure more efficiently. See and share the progress for any project with any stakeholder, without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email any time, from any place and on any device. 

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Because the Bizini cloud is built on Odoo, it is compatible with mobile applications that are designed to work with the Odoo Platform. Applications are available for both Android and iOS (Apple) from the relevant App Stores and are both paid for and free. For a demonstration of the apps capabilities, download an app from the App Store and use the demo site credentials to log the app onto the demo portal.

At Bizini our goal is to level the playing field for all organisations wishing to improve the way they manage their business and projects and also streamline the way they collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners, by providing disruptive integrated business applications that are not only functional and performant but that are affordable and represent value for money to our customers.

Win important deals, improve service levels, hit project milestones and improve operational efficiency. Any Time, Any Place on Any Device

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