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In the run up to the launch of Bizini Project we are creating a series of Promotional and “How To” video guides. The first of these videos is an overview of the Bizini Project Application and is available now on the Bizini You Tube Channel.

The video takes a step by step look at the functionality and features of the application including Project Stages, Tasks, Issues, Reporting and Scheduling and illustrates how to efficiently navigate around the application.

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Bizini Project streamlines the complicated process of project delivery enabling Project Managers to track tasks, risks, bugs and manage calendars and milestones across multiple projects from a single portal including integrated reporting. The social and collaboration features mean that it is possible to see, join the conversation and share the progress for any task, on any project with any stakeholder, without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email. It puts the tools that project managers need, all together in one place, accessible literally at their fingertips, at any time, from any place and on any device.

Run successful projects, hit milestones, and track everything, Bizini Project enables disparate matrix teams to efficiently move any kind of project from inception to closure, any time, from any place on any device.

For more information, visit the Bizini Project Page or watch the video here 

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